Things To Consider Before Getting A Mobile Notary

Are you looking for a mobile notary signing agent in Fresno? Let us all agree that we don’t always have the time to go to a notary office, and in such circumstances, a mobile notary comes in handy. The primary role of a notary public is to thoroughly authenticate the information on various documents to guarantee that each signer is who they claim to be. This prevents any fraud in the process.

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Keep reading this blog if you wish to know things to consider before getting a mobile notary. It will tell you about every aspect briefly. So let us get the ball rolling.

Ensure The Documents Are Complete:

First things first! When booking a mobile notary signing agent in Fresno, make sure all your documents that need to be notarized are complete. Fill in all the credentials, and keep everything ready systematically in a file. Don’t leave things for the last moment to ensure getting things done correctly in a single go.

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Have The Relevant Identification:

Authenticity is an essential aspect of notarization. A notary’s primary responsibility is to verify the identity of those signing documents. As a result, have your ID proof available before the notary arrives.

Credible witnesses are used for authentication in rare cases where there is no ID evidence. Such witnesses should have one of the following documents: a state ID, a passport, a driver’s license, or any other valid document that can authenticate the identity.

The Name On Your ID & Documents Should Be The Same:

Because notaries are faced with the sensitive and vital role of authenticating the identity of signers, detecting a fraudulent or counterfeit ID is a fundamental part of notarizing financial and legal documents. Thus, in the event of even the slightest mismatch in the name between the documents and ID proofs, the notary won’t proceed with the process.

For instance, if your ID has John L. Brooks, your document cannot have John Lee Brooks. However, there are also remedial measures that involve changing the method of filing the document, and a notary is competent to suggest the same.

Determine The Type of Notarization You Need:

Determining the type of notarization your document needs is essential. Most documents have a notarial language, and one needs to look for it carefully. However, a notary can also guide you on the same. Jurat and acknowledgment are typically the two most common kinds of notarization. Jurat notarization is used to certify your agreement with the document’s content (similar to an affirmation), whereas acknowledgment notarization is used to prove your identification (to deter fraud). If you are looking for the best mobile notary signing agent in Fresno, Across Town Notary is the best option for you. We provide the best service to all our customers without any hassle.