The Process

Adoption paralegals perform the legally required procedural work for adoptions that would otherwise be performed by the attorney. Our adoption paralegals have completed formal education and paralegal training leading to certification. We have experience and knowledge in assisting with adoptions overseen by an adoption attorney or client direct.

Adoption paralegals may also be referred to as adoption specialists when they work for an adoption agency. Within an adoption agency, the adoption paralegal/specialist may be trained to conduct interviews with prospective parents beginning an adoption search. They can provide advice to parents in completing the "information pack" given to parents at the start of the process.

Questions you'll be asked before the adoption process begins:

  • Why are you adopting?
  • What financial or medical help may you receive?
  • How will you help a child adapt to their new home?
  • What things do you need to consider when adopting?
  • How do you start the process?
  • Are there advantages to American adoptions?

The process of adoption in California varies based on the type of adoption you're pursuing.

Typically, the process is as follows:

  • Finding an adoption paralegal or attorney
  • Filling out court forms
  • Filing the forms with the court
  • Get consent from the birth parent (if necessary)
  • Interview and submit to an investigation
  • Get a court date and go to the adoption hearing

When To Use a Paralegal

  • Legally prepare adoption forms for you.
  • Instruct where and how adoption paperwork needs to be filed.
  • Assist in filing all documents for uncontested stepparent adoption.
  • Prepare documents for Adult Adoptions and Independent Adoptions.

A Paralegal cannot give legal advice or go to court and advocate for you the same way a divorce attorney will. The cost for a paralegal is usually less than an attorney.

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